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But who is Lead Officer Sean Dinse REALLY?  (The public lunatic and menace afraid of his own shadow hunting down imperfection and the weak)


Running for City Council while using those lives he DESTROY's as a pedEstole to gain power and control? 

The man who wants to create a PERFECT race of BRAINLESS SOCIETAL ROBOTS and make society a single race in his own image by TORTURING, HUNTING and ERADICATING all imperfection that is different then who he is, and what he doesn't understand!


If you think this man is going to keep you safe? Keep the Streets Clean, and Create Better Living Environments, you are dead wrong. He will drag anyone who is different away from their homes and will FORCE them into his Mental Institution Concentration Camps, leaving only room for people created in his own narrow minded, racist bigged image


Police Psychological McCarthyism Lead Officer Sean Dinse's involvement in Profiling and Targeting Operations


While lead Officer Sean Dinse is involved in every crime known to man, One of the biggest is hid PERSONAL VENDETTA, and supporting those sent after me starting at a young age to cover up the mass crime spree he is involved in trying to end my life on one level or the other. From launching and taking part in WORLDWIDE psychological torture operations to either have me KILLED, locked away, or FORCED into a mental institution because he does not LIKE or UNDERSTAND me.


Lead Officer Sean Dinse is running around fear mongering the masses and preying on the kind hearted and innocent to boast his agenda to try to take over the world in the same Methods as ADOLF HITLER did. While his tactics are somewhat different due to changing times, and the Government Created tools such as the Internet, Dinse is launching and taking part in mass stalking and targeting operations in which he tries to cover up as "NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS". However, these are not concerned individuals prepared to call the police if someone strange happens. These are ARMIES, of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE stalkers to inflict immense pain to set people up he just doesn't like or accept and want in society, AKA "GANG STALKING"


What is GANG STALKING, CAUSE STALKING, COMMUNITY HARRASSMENT GROUPS, and several other unofficial names? It is the act of inflicting horrific pain on someone, with large groups without physically touching them based on psychological provoking tactics done in mass groups and endless repetition until they can get reactions to set up their targets for something bad to happen to them while trying to make them look crazy, or in my case, the Dinse and LAPD lies that I am somehow a Violent Paranoid Schizophrenic and endless daily changing labels to try to get what they want. Example, following people around in mass groups wearing the same colors, black pants, pink shirts in hopes they can get the target to hit someone for an arrest. ND they never stop until they get why they want. In my case, 42 years of all day and night attacks with exponentially growing groups, now WORLDWIDE to either KILL, or LOCK ME AWAY all for no reason then Government Flagging Operations. These Psychological Warfare and Gang Stalking tactics were actually originated from Adolf Hitlers Regime of a new type of warfare that he wanted, which trickled down to KKK Tactics.


The equivalent of a 40 year global Mental Level Rodney Kinging for no reason 

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So why does Lead Officer Sean Dinse, who has EVERYTHING TO HIDE, in his PERSONAL VENDETTA, want me SILENCED So bad while pursuing his POLITICAL AGENDA?


As you can see, HUNTING, TORTURING, and KILLING PEOPLE, or LOCKING THEM AWAY FOR WHAT THEY KNOW, has worked very well of LEAD OFFICER SEAN DINSE, and so much so, he is building Armies of people preying on their loneliness or voids to make all these citizens feel special by telling them they are police officers, when they are not to help him with his mass crime spree and AGENDAS. But more importantly, you need to understand the PERSONALITY of someone who is capable of doing something like this.


So who is Lead Officer Sean Dinse really who probably has no more then a High School Degree trying to get into Politics?


From Experience, while watching him hunt me on his PERSONAL VENDETTA, linking into 42 years of these hunts with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Ronald Barry Perelman, his Co Workers like Officer Toro, and Officer Jensen?


So his is a short list off the top of my head from what he is involved in doing to my life DEMANDING complete PERFECTION, and things I've noticed


  • Arrests with Dinse, and his Partner Jensen, working with MY BROTHERS BBQ as cover-ups, also at the same time as tweeting to Louisa Jensen on twitter to silence me and mad at me for creating Art that he doesn't like or approve of back in 2013 of misdemeanors of sitting on the Sidewalk. While illegally throwing in 7 other fabricated charges with Lawyer Jonathon Franklin of thing like, supposedly I BATTERED someone by throwing a piece of paper at them. Ironically, the courts don't want me having any of this paperwork after the case is closed. While the DEFENSE ATTORNEY Jonathon Franklin telling me he doesn't want to get a Police officer fired. Showing Fraud and Theft.

  • Dinse then hunting me from 2013 to now with these mass WORLDWIDE groups trying to make me look crazy with his mass NEIGHBORHHOD WATCH Stalking Armies to try to set me up to remove me from society. In more 2016 arrests paying people off and contacting citizens to hunt me like Brian Ushar at Valley Motor Center, Paying off Neighbor in Unit #1 Terrance Scroggins to hunt me, Greg Koenig in Unit#2, and many others with all sorts of verbal attacks, endless verbal provokings, physical attacks, notifying security companies worldwide to stalk and provoke me all working together. Notifying mass corporation worldwide to hunt, torture, provoke, and try to set me up all day and night, while once again, fabricating me endless charges such as 422 criminal threats, Battery, and trying to cover up his KILL Agendas calling me a Public Nuisance because I am forced to tell these WORLDWIDE groups the truth in SELF DEFENSE so I can stay breathing. The LAPD and him stopping me from making money, friends, relationships, going places. While Dinse THREATENING ME, telling me I'm not allowed to ever leave my home, because he and his so called NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Group, "Don't like his kind" Whatever this means, I have no clue. Dinse reversing everything that is done to me, and putting it in police reports to lock me away for what I know.

  • He doesn't care about privacy violations, or any of your constitution amendments. Cell Phone Tracking, Computer hacking and data mining, People following you from place to place waiting in cars. This is all from daily first hand experience, and them even starting in on me in 1994 with my brother Jason Perelman introducing me to the INTERNET, while them working on me since them trying to get whatever they can use against me. Violating all Constitutional PROTECITONS and RIGHTS working with them

  • He Is involved in mail fraud operations, and also sending people involved in mail fraud to attack me with a Police Trained k9, all on video

  • He's mad that I went to the Gym 4 times a week calling it addiction and trying to lock me in mental institutions

  • he's mad at me for sitting on a park bench longer then 10 minute at a time, calling it addiction trying to lock me in a mental institution

  • He's mad at me for playing pool as a hobby several times a week, calling it addiction and trying to lock me into mental institutions

  • He's mad at me for going to coffee shops, being social, or getting work done, trying to call it OCD or Addiction while trying to figure out how to lock me into mental institutions

  • He's mad at me for things like when I was 16, peeling out in my car or something as the end all be all of crimes, probably with some J-Walking, and maybe some liter or lint falling off my shirt on to the ground

  • He's asked several questions about me being moved back to T1 class, between first and second grade, where I kissed a black girl, showing he is a racist, and is mad at an 8 year old 39 years ago for giving a peck on the lips to a different race showing he is an OBSESSED RACIST and a BIGOT!

  • He's mad at me for being social on the Internet, on IRC as well as public places

  • He's probably even mad at me for having some parties when I was 16 from this obsessed, psychotic maniac and lunatic


Download the Dinse Brochure of STUPIDITY, CONTROL, ABUSE, and ERADICATION while violating your privacy here from his website


You can read more about his horrific acts of abuse, torture, and inhumane punishment done to me with his mass groups on my biogs and websites in which he claims on recorded video he has no knowledge of, but admits he has seen my website showing undeniable proof of me being hunted and attacked on a daily basis

Officer Sean Dinse, Jensen, and Toro’s endless rage, stalking and pursuit to remove me from society for what I know -

Starbucks working with Lead Officer Sean Dinse Claiming I threatened to kill all Starbucks customers as you can see on video it never happened like everything else EXPOSING these police KILL and COVER UP operations to end my life on some level, just like he did with Terrance Scroggins -

2/10/2019 - Skin Head Thug with Lead Officer Dinse in their murder operations - White Supremacist Dinse Helper

Illegal convictions, Court Procedures, Police mass stalkings to end my life and flat out threats they are going to incarcerate me for life for what I know. Read about these UNCONSTITUTIONAL ILLEGAL OPERATIONS TO PSYCHOLOGICALLY TORTURE ME TO DEATH With my family Officer Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart -

Sent to maximum Security Prison and tons of false charges for creating art -

Mike Huntley working with Ron Perelman, Officer Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart in COVER UP operations for sending Jen Hess After me to end my life or remove me from society -

Officer Sean Dinse and Mike Huntley Stalking Operations to lock me away in jail for what I know. Still working on his thuggings after their illegal arrests with falsified discovery and unconstitutional operations. Recent tire slashings and impounds -

Therapist Karine Echigian working with the LAPD, NSA/FBI, Lorena Escobar, Ron Perelman, Officer Jensen and Dinse back in 2013 in these 40 year terror operations -





Aside from me, in which I could talk about 42 years of endless operations to ERADICATE ME, lets talk more about the DINSE AGENDA to create the perfect race, society and lock the rest into Mental Institutions, Jail Cells, or KILL them


Dinse's got some really good ideas for CLEANING UP society! IDEAS YOU DON"T WANT TO BE AROUND!


  • On Dinse's Facebook, he fear mongers and riles the masses up against tons of "POSSIBLE SUSPECTS" fear mongering the masses against people those against people he has no clue if they have actually committed crimes, more so, have not been convicted of the crime. In other words, aside from Lead Officer Dinse, being a pathological liar, and Psychotic Murderer while putting these statements on public forums about people turning the mases against them. What if they didn't do anything wrong, and Dinse is wrong? Hence, RUINING PEOPLES LIVES, he THINKS are criminals, when this information is solely meant for Police Officers on Police computers, and TRAINED Police officer to investigate. And has nothing to do with riling the masses against people endangering peoples lives who haven't even been in a court room. Because either Sean Dinse THINKS, or Sean Dinse, DOESN'T LIKE, or APPROVE OF.

  • Sean Dinse has proof on his Website of These Neighborhood watch groups of his with his meetings, and not only this, I have encountered endless of them not only hunting me all day and night for 20 years in this location alone, but have watched them try to SET ME UP over and over. One lady, On Video, was mad at me for not looking at her while I was taking a walk, and they were thugging a homeless person in the bathroom. She yelled at me "Why are you looking away" then tried to get me to help them thug a poor homeless person. Also trying to make it look like I was stalking women in the bathroom. When I said no, and she told me to take their picture. I told her I'd take EVERYONES picture because the entire situation was not normal. And the next day Lead Officer Sean Dinse shows up at my door trying to brake in my house, also saying he is with FBI. To try to cover up the fact they could not set me up.

  • Another Setup attempt Lead Officer Sean Dinse working with the Warner Center Met, and Security, while having neighbors walk up to me asking me to break onto the property so they can check their security cameras.. On video as well.

  • On Dinse's facebook he talks about FORCING the imperfect into MENTAL INSTUTIONS. THose he feels might be addicts, those he feels might smell and be an eyesore, as well as talking about people with mental illness could POSSIBLY, be criminals or violent

  • Lead Officer Dinse is the KING of PRE-CRIME!, He walks around saying "I THINK" all day, and goes after person after person. And I am his biggest TARGET. he THINKS, I could be VIOLENT, he THINKS, I could suffer from mental illness, he THINKS, I am a thief, he THINKS, I am a menace to society. Yet no where in this underdeveloped middle school scared 10 year olds POWER HUNGRY personality does THINK, have nothing to do with his job. His job is to stop crimes in progress, or go after criminals, but not walk around stating as he has about me. "I THINK, Kevin is the next Vegas Shooter", "I THINK, Kevin is the next Una-Bomber", "I THINK, Kevin is Crazy". and his latest lies, PAYING OFF starbucks employees to say I supposedly threatened to kill all Starbucks Customers, and it all on video that I did nothing to anyone but talk into my camera while they were all attacking me explaining what is going on to show the WORLD they have been lied to. On yet ANOTHER FALSIFIED Police Report. No where is it a crime to be crazy, mentally ill, or even Violent. It is a crime to commit a crime. PERIOD. Showing Dinse will say whatever he wants to get whatever he wants

  • Dinse working with Aubrey Fisher, and Officer Toro. Officer Toro Threatens my life because he didn't want me getting into Studio Photography with Aubrey Fisher working with riling the masses against me. Sound Strange? Why can't get into Studio Photography or own a camera? They then try to cover it up because I was forced to get proof of their ATTEMPTED MURDER operations to kill me for what I know. Officer Toro "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way" this was at Encino Starbucks, because Lead officer Sean Dinse does not approve of me drinking Coffee which is strange.

  • Lead officer Sean Dinse on his Facebook keeps PREACHING about Addiction, Mental illness, and how all of this is bad for society so they all need to be FORCED into mental institutions! WAIT? What does MENTAL ILLNESS, ADDICTION, The FLU, Dating Women he does not approve of, Putting salt on your food, Jobs he does not approve of, HAVE TO DO WITH CRIME?  Is Dinse Officer Hannibal Elector now?

  • So Dinse is trying to clean up the streets, not by going after crime, but hunting down those he does not like or approve of

  • Dinse on his Brochure states he wants Police Officers in Elementary Schools to teach about drugs and things like this. ELEMETRY SCHOOL? Is this man on Crystal Meth? I don't think kids in Elementary Schools are thinking on that level yet. Nor should Police be hovering around kids in Elementary School like the Movie "1984" with Big Brother Dinse Watching you.

  • Contacting all Attorney's and Private Investigators so truths of in nonce can't come out for their targets, first hand experience

  • Dinse with those he is working with do not believe in the 1st Amendment, and all others, so your freedom's of speech are not allowed in self defense. Based on first hand experience

  • He has no problem complicating people's families telling them lies. Not only mine in Canada, but also proof right on his FACEBOOK doing to others smearing their names recently working on someone else he is labeling as mentally ill. Weather he is or is not, it is not Dine's job to spend all day on the phone calling up those associated with others to try to CONTROL THEM or the SITUATION.

  • Dinse States on his FACEBOOK that he has a problem with people having parties! YES PARTIES! Showing that not only does he have a problem with SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS, and people having fun or relaxing. But yes, PARTIES! There is no crime in parties. People have parties all the time. Dinse states on his Facebook, that he is contacting those people neighbors so he can "Stop the parties before they happen" Showing that Lead officer Dinse is a SOCIAL RETARD and has issues with other people living their lives. But not he's on the PRE-CRIME of Party havers or goers. Now, this being said. A Party is not a crime. Maybe a noise disturbance is a complain in which a Police Officer can tell someone to turn it down or break it up. But the Party itself is a perfectly normal social gathering in which Lead Officer Dinse says is UNNACCEPTABLE, and will hunt you down over. So is pre-marital sex also a crime he will stop before it happens? You get the idea! This is your City Council Electee! No social events! ILLEGAL according to this person!


So, while this Racist, Bigoted, NAZI is trying to Clean up Society in his own image while braking every law known to man babbling the ends justifies the means, And on the surface it sounds really neat, and conducive to your Million Dollar houses. I can assure you, what will come from it will be your own Demise if you put this person even higher on the pedestal of lies and Destruction. While he is involved in 42 years of KILL and or ERADICATION operations directed at me since 5 year old psychological labels and cover ups. And if you actually believe the fear mongering and rhetoric about me in secret to the WORLD. I guarantee, you will just be shooting yourself in the foot. And their is no doubt your HERO, and SAVIOR Jim Jones, Dinse to create a PERFECT SOCIETY, with his superior High School, and 10 year old thinking intellect. Will be instantly throwing YOU! The people he has USED as told under the bus within SECONDS!


Also, just a side note, Not only is Lead Officer Sean Dinse Bald, but 3 of the attackers who Assault and Battered me to try to silence me on video while LAPD told me they would not do anything to protect me for what I know, are also Bald. You can come to your own conclusions or research the connection between GANG STALKING, KKK, and Skin Heads.


Some of the Officers Involved
Officer Toro (Fake name) (LAPD) (Threatened my life "If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way")
Officer Jensen (LAPD) (Arrested for asking him for his badge number when he showed he was corrupt)
Officer Sean Dinse (LAPD) (Will not tolerate imperfection, or people with mental illness, as he uses mental illness labels for those he doesn't like)
Detective Angela Stewart (LAPD) (arrested someone else with Battery charges who was found innocent as well)

Criminals involved in some of these assault and battery, threats, thugging, and cry wolf tactics to cover up their endless crime spree against me
Terrance Scroggins - Threatened me, endlessly pursuing me, telling me I'm not allowed to leave my house to put me in a cage with these mass groups, then telling the police he is working with that I threatened him
Bailey Bernard - Followed me home, assault and battered me, tried to block my gate to stop me from getting into my townhouse complex, and then is working with Detective Angela Stuart claiming I am violent and Battered him, a detective with a history of arresting innocent people with the same charges
Greg Koenig - Owner in Unit 2 of my complex, sent after me with Terrance Scroggins, working with people to follow me from place to place with police and neighborhood watch setup and frame job operations. Which has been going on for 35 years now
JohnPaul Naranjo - Topanga Security Guard - Attacked me, something like 7 punches to the head, first one to the back of the head, and is trying to cover it up with the community saying I attacked him

Some of the Corrupt Lawyers Involved
Deputy City Attorney - Karine T Phillips - Illegal Prosecution Operations knowingly making up lies going against her oath to the bar association for her clients told to attack me, frame me or working on these endless worldwide setup operations now going on 40 years while trying to make me look violent and crazy in the court room, when she damn well knew I was innocent exploiting our legal system and breaking laws based on people she does not like or understand. Showing her job with the police is about as much as law and order, or keeping the peace as ADOLF HITLER was

Read how they operate as I grew up to understand how these operations to remove me from society work


The equivalent of a 40 year global Mental Level Rodney Kinging for no reason

Proof of Gang stalking with Police Admission which the local police around here are trying to make me crazy for exposing and the proof that I have of the endless things done to me 5/19/2018 - While on way to Testify - Popped tire at Starbucks, Gas Station owner tries to stop me from getting towed to make it to court

While on my way to court to testify, It seems like someone popped my tired because it was full when I parked, and 100% empty when I got to my car 5 minutes later.

The rubber is beyond old and it is hard to tell. So it could be old rubber but I have never seen it go within minutes. Usually they drain slowly.

Person I talk to who says he works for Tires by Mark just happens to be sitting next to my car in hopes I could get information for the courts to make sure they know I am not on the run which these people keep telling the world my whole life.

Also, as the Tow Truck comes, the Gas Station Owners who have not liked me since day 1, who are friends with the police stalking me in these 40 year operations, come out in a threatening manor trying to stop me from being towed. One even coming out with a metal object

They do not succeed, but it shows what is going on. Later, The Topanga Police did not want the video of this incident, or even a report to investigate.

Saying that the tow truck driver should call. And not me. As if people who don't call the police who witness crimes.

Also, it was meant for me, but they still won't take what I have to give them to investigate which sits their same pattern of behavior my entire life




My World Wide Targeting info



For access to all the Raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking's to me:



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